The Anjali Kumar Experience


Anjali’s talks often deal with questions about innovation and diversity. As an “idea acupuncturist” Anjali brings a spiritual approach to the business world. She doesn’t give black or white answers to businesses or problems, she looks at a set of issues and works on pressure points using different interventions to help keep the energy flowing into an idea or business. Anjali had been featured as a keynote speaker at TEDx, Seattle Interactive Conference, The Connecticut Forum, and Diane von Furstenberg’s International Women’s Day Speaker Series. She has participated in fireside chats with Danny Meyer (Union Square Hospitality Forum), Ezra Klein (Washington Post), and Neil Blumenthal (Co-CEO/Founder of Warby Parker). In November 2017 she spoke at TEDWomen. Her “beautiful inspiring, and funny” talk “My Failed Mission To Find God - And What I Found Instead”, based on her book Stalking God: My Unorthodox Search For Something To Believe In, has been watched by over 2.7 million people around the world and translated into 19 languages.

Anjali’s talks also deal with redirecting the conversation around diversity and gender equality in the workplace by embracing ideas of non-absolutism. Anjali wants to stop framing diversity in the business from a moral obligation and start thinking about diversity as an untapped and proven means for businesses to increase creativity, jumpstart innovation, and produce higher revenues.



For Women, by Women: Entrepreneurs on the Rise

As the adage goes, "empowered women empower women." From the purchasing power women have as consumers to the employment opportunities they offer as business owners, women are an undeniable economic force. Each of the female founders on this panel have created platforms to inspire, mentor and elevate the next generation of women entrepreneurs, socially and economically. How are women building businesses, leading workforces, and reinvesting income and profits as compared to men? How is gender-lens investing helping to drive capital to these female led ventures? How are female-led companies positively impacting the communities they operate within? What can we expect from the next generation of female entrepreneurs?


TEDWomen 2017

My Failed Mission To Find God — And What I Found Instead

Anjali Kumar went looking for God and ended up finding something else entirely. In an uplifting, funny talk about our shared humanity, she takes us on a spiritual pilgrimage to meet witches in New York, a shaman in Peru, an infamous "healer" in Brazil and others, sharing an important lesson: what binds us together is far stronger than what separates us, and our differences are not insurmountable.


The Connecticut Forum

Anjali Kumar on Misogyny in Tech Culture

Anjali Kumar discusses her experience at Google and misogyny in the tech world in general. She also offers advice to young women hoping to go into those fields. Kumar was a featured panelist with Danny Meyer and Ezra Klein at The Connecticut Forum's panel on "Disruption: Change-makers in business, media and politics" on March 10, 2017, moderated by Jonathan Capehart.